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At Gammelhuset Tryckeri we work with traditional letterpress printing techniques and materials from the past. We focus on quality and craftsmanship.


We focus on the environment. We use specially developed inks and print on recycled fibre and premium paper. By using only plant-based inks, we can call ourselves an environmentally friendly printing shop.


We have a small standing series of cards for different occasions and holidays. In addition, we print mostly customised orders such as business cards, coasters, ex-libris and stationery.

When 15th century letterpress technology meets today's modern design using 20th century machines.


We use non-toxic colours and print on eco-friendly premium paper.

At Gammelhuset Tryckeri we work with traditional letterpress techniques and materials from the past. Texts and decorations are set with lead types, ornaments, brass lines and wood style. Illustrations and logos are printed using clichés.

Our focus is to run a sustainable print shop with environmentally friendly colours and recycled paper.

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Regardless of whether you want to know more about letterpress and want to book us for workshops, lectures or want to print something, you are always welcome to contact us!

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